ISSessions 2022-09-29

Welcome back to our bi-weekly scheduled program of ISSessions! This Thursday, September 29th, will be our next meeting once again in-person and online. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for this night!

Starting off with our news round-up, and our special event the Co-Op Panel! You won’t want to miss this, especially if your Co-Op is coming up soon!


7:00 Kick-Off

7:05 News Roundup

7:20 Break

7:25 Co-Op Panel

About the Co-Op Panel

The Co-Op panel will be a way for you to get a better understanding around the co-op process. All the way from applying, interviewing and doing your co-op your questions will be answered. For this special ISSessions event we have put together a team of panelists from a range of positions and companies to give you the broadest insight into the topic

Cem Celen

Proactive Consultant Intern with Mandiant

Cristian di Bartolomeo

Cyber Security Consultant with KPMG

Connor Laidlaw

Vulnerability Researcher with Trend Micro

Kyle Doucette

Strategic consultant intern with Mandiant

Louai Abboud

Currently Adversarial Collaboration Engineer with Lares | did co-op as a Threat Hunter with Bell