The long wait is now over as you can finally sign-up and reserve your spot in ISSessionsCTF2021! Registration will close March 20th so make sure to sign up ASAP!

NOTE: Also, keep in mind that you do NOT need a team to register, you can join/create a team after registering (or on a later date). The most important thing now is to sign up and secure your spot! Seats are filling fast, and you do not want to miss this.

Now that ISSessionsCTF is in full swing, it’s time for you to help! We are looking for 4th-year students, Alumni, and Industry Professionals who are willing to spare a few hours on March 27 and/or 28.

Link to sign up as an ISSessionsCTF volunteer:

-> ISSessionsCTF2021 website:
-> Registration Link:
-> FAQs & CTF Info:
-> Survival Kit:
-> Code of Conduct:

Just a few reminders:
-> Event Dates: March 27 from 9 AM – 9 PM EST AND March 28 from 9 AM – 6 PM EST
-> The event is all online
-> Team sizes are 1-4 (though we highly recommend teams of 3-4 students)
-> Participants must be students from a technical program with an information security component at a post-secondary institution in Ontario, Canada
-> Registration will close March 20th

To register for ISSessions CTF 2021, you must be a student from a technical program with an information security component at a post-secondary institution in Ontario, Canada. When completing the registration form, ensure that you use your school email. The platform (CTFd) will reject the form if the email domain is not one of Ontario’s post-secondary schools. If you feel that you have been wrongly rejected, please contact one of the ISSessions Executives to fix it ASAP! is the go-to place for any information related to our CTF. There, you will have access to the “student-package” which is the “General Information” page and “Survival Kit” page. These two pages should act as your reference for any CTF related inquiries; there will also be a FAQ section in the “General Information” page. This website is also where the CTF will take place! You must verify your account and join/create a team before March 20th to ensure your access to the challenges when the time comes and the competition starts!

The FAQ page will be updated frequently to ensure that any questions you may have are answered. If there are any confusions, comments, or questions, feel free to mention them in #issessions-ctf or PM an ISSessions Exec!

And that’s it! Get your teams together, sign-up for ISSessionsCTF2021, and get your game-face ready – it’s going to be a good one!

ISSessions 2020-03-04

With reading week officially starting today, ISSessions CTF 2021 coming soon, and registration opening tomorrow, you may be wondering if the good news is slowing down… IT’S NOT! We have a great ISSessions with a brand new guest speaker from Elastic planned for this Thursday, March 4th, at 7 PM EST.

DATE: 2021-03-04 (THURSDAY)
TIME: 19:00 – 21:00 EST
LOCATION: VIRTUAL (Discord + YouTube)

19:00 – Kickoff/CTF Updates – Kurt
19:10 – News Roundup – Execs
19:30 – Rick’s Random Repo Rundown – Nick
19:50 – Break
20:00 – Network Defense Basics – Neil Desai

Now that’s a meet-up if I’ve ever seen one! Kicking off the night with some announcements and updates on our newly announced CTF will be the one and only El Presidente – Kurt! Next, 4 great execs take on the latest news in infosec because… why not?! Everyone loved Rick’s Random Repo Rundown last week so, he’s coming back again! We’ll end off the night with a new (VERY SPECIAL) guest speaker – Neil Desai – who will be talking about Network Defense Basics!

Neil Desai is a Principal Security Strategist at Elastic – the creators of the ELK stack! He has over two decades of information security experience. In past roles, he built Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and architected defensible and monitorable infrastructures for Fortune 500 US financial institutions. Neil is also one of the architects at C3X, so if you are interested in C3X… you will want to tune in!

Defending a network starts with protecting it. We’ll go over some network architectures/configurations that can be utilized to help defend a network and enable better monitoring.

Quite the night! Great segments all around and a super guest speaker to end off the night. Make sure you tune it!:fire: :100:

See you all soon!