ISSessions 2021-05-27

ISSessions is back with a new executive team led by our fearless leaders Nash and Kurt!

We have a great meeting planned for you, you get to meet our new team and Louai, Yusef and Kyle will be giving a presentation on different aspects of the ISSessions 2021 CTF!

DATE: May 27, 2021

TIME: 7:00pm

LOCATION: Virtual (Discord/Youtube)


  • 7:00 – Kick-Off
  • 7:05 – Introductions – Nash
  • 7:30 – News Round Up – Cem, Jackson and Christian
  • 8:00 – Break
  • 8:10 – ISSessionsCTF2021 Analytics – Yusef
  • 8:25 – The Automaton Returns: ISSessionsCTF in 30 Minutes or Less?! – Louai

    We’re so excited for you to come check it out!

    Project Den Abstract:

    CTFs are super fun. Building a CTF, on the other hand, err not so much… Luckily a relentless focus on automation and infrastructure as code can greatly simplify the problem! In this Project Den presentation, Louai Abboud will go over the infrastructure that powered ISSessionsCTF2021 and C3X: Dark Cloud Rising. If you love click-baity titles and bamboozling your brain on buzzwords like cloud, Docker, Ansible, and Kubernetes, this talk is for you!


    I know we’re all excited, are you?!!?!

    – ISSessions Exec Team