Virtual ISSessions Meeting on 2020-05-15

Howdy, everyone! Please join us for our first meeting with the new executive team on Friday, May 15th, through Discord! This will be a very important meeting and we want you all to join! The details are as follows:

Date: 2020-05-15
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Location: VIRTUAL (Discord) 💻 

19:00 – Announcements – Kurt 📣
19:10 – News Roundup – Nick & Adam 🗞
19:30 – Repo run down – Nick 🚨
19:40 – Brainstorm Fiesta 🧠
20:05 – Break 😎
20:15 – Guest Speakers: Julian P. & Lovell S. 👑 

We will have the usual News Roundup with Nick and Adam and Nicks Repo run down. Along with this, the opportunity for YOU to tell us what you want to see from ISSessions throughout the year. Lastly, Julian P. & Lovell S., from Mandiant, will be giving us a very relevant session on their “Tales from The Trenches”.
Julian Pileggi is a Technical Manager at Mandiant, based in Toronto, Canada. His areas of expertise include enterprise incident response, digital forensics, and threat hunting. Lovell Smith is a Senior Consultant in Mandiant’s Canadian region. As part of the Incident Response team, he provides emergency services to clients when a security breach occurs.
The “Tales from The Trenches” talk is intended to provide case studies and stories from real-life incidents and investigations. The presentation will also focus on the challenges and problems that organizations faced and how they overcame them.
See you all there!