Virtual ISSessions Meeting on 2020-08-27

ISSessions this Thursday at 7:00 PM and we have two special segments planned. A debrief of our favorite talks and workshops from #DEFCONSafeMode along with a presentation on #ActiveDirectory and #Kerberos from Alex Kozlov

Attention everyone!

As summer winds down and we get ready to go back to class (online though…), we want to show you what ISSessions is about. If you have never been to an ISSessions meet-up, now is your chance. We have a very appealing meet-up planned this Thursday, August 27 @ 7:00 PM, for all infosec walks of life.

To start, Kurt will give an update with what’s happening in ISSessions, followed by the most critical infosec news to date with Nash and Yusef. Next, your amazing exec team will walk you through our favorite talks from Defcon a couple of weeks ago. We’ll finish off the night with a presentation/walkthrough from an inspired and knowledgeable community member and red teaming professional.

Watch on YouTube:

Defcon Week Debrief: Favourite Talks & Workshops Now that Defcon: Safe Mode is behind us, it’s time for a debrief! In this segment, your club executives will discuss their favorite Defcon: Safe Mode talks and workshops! A particular emphasis will be placed on new learnings and paradigm shifts! In the end, we’ll open up the discussion to the broader audience, so please feel free to contribute! Still haven’t watched any talks yet – now is your chance:

Attacking Active Directory: As told through Hack The Box Active Directory and Kerberos are some of the most prevalent and efficient systems in internal network environments. As such, it’s also pretty easy to overlook misconfigurations or possible vulnerabilities in these services. As penetration testers, understanding Active Directory is essential to attacking corporate networks- why pop boxes when you can abuse built-in features? In this talk, Alex will be walking through how to abuse one such flaw to get the goods and plant yourself on a system.

Alex Kozlov is the Team Lead for the penetration testing & Red Team divisions at Access 2 Networks.

The exec team is pumped for this meeting and we hope you are too. Be sure to check it out as it’s our last meeting before school starts up again! See you all there!