ISSessions 2022-09-15

Join us this Thursday September 15th at 7:00PM in Room J102 as ISSessions will be having its first session of the school year and its first session on campus in two years.

We’ll start up with our News Roundup, move into ISS Jeopardy and then bring John Simpson out of the ISS warehouse to deliver his annual “Wonderful World of InfoSec” talk.


7:00 Kick-Off

7:05 News Roundup

7:30 ISS Jeopardy

8:00 Break

8:05 Wonderful World of InfoSec – John Simpson

Wonderful World of InfoSec

Join John as he presents the 2022 version of his ISSessions staple talk: “The Wonderful World of Information Security,” which aims to provide students new to the program with an overview of the potential career paths in the Information Security industry as well as his tips for success in navigating the Information Systems Security degree program at Sheridan and the early stages of a career in InfoSec.

John Simpson

John graduated from the Sheridan Information Systems Security program in 2015 and is currently a senior security researcher at Veracode. He started his career with a coop position at Deloitte and stayed on board after graduation, working in Security Operations Center engineering and vulnerability assessment/penetration testing roles. He then spent over 5 years as a vulnerability researcher at Trend Micro, and discovered several new vulnerabilities, authored blog posts for Trend Micro and Zero Day Initiative, and spoke at several conferences. At Veracode he researches new capabilities and features for Veracode’s application security services, primarily focusing on static code analysis.

Reminder that the session will also be delivered on Discord and YouTube still if you can’t make it. That said I hope to see a lot of you guys there!