ISSessions 2023 – 04 – 06

Tomorrow, April 6th will be our final meeting of the term. Join us in room J102, or online on our Discord or our YouTube.
We will begin with our News roundup as usual, then have a talk on security-based activities you can do over the summer.
Lastly, after our break, we will finish off the meeting with our special guest Samy and their discussion on How to Read Code for Security Practitioners.
We will, unfortunately, be saying goodbye to our current Exec team, but the show must go on. Please give a warm welcome to the new Exec team who will be taking over after this term.

7:00 Kick-Off
7:05 News
7:15 Summer Security
7:35 Break
7:40 How to Read Code for Security Practitioners – Samy

About Samy
Samy has more than a decade in infosec, he is currently Staff Product Security Engineer at Okta. Outside of work he loves learning, doing CTFs, reading RFCs, and looking at code. OSCP, OSWE, CISSP.

How to read code for security practitioners
Imagine you joined a new company, after onboarding, you are given a huge code base to evaluate. What would you do? What’s the plan? Or you are asked to “make it secure”, find vulnerabilities in the code, or see if the code is vulnerable to a specific class of vulnerabilities. How are you going to approach it?

All resources out there teach us how to write code, but no one teaches us how read code. We’re going to fix that in this talk

ISSessions 2023 – 03 – 23


This Thursday, March 23rd, is our next ISSessions meeting.
Join us as we discuss making a USB multi-OS loader with Jonathon, and an informative discussion on PowerShell by our wonderful content developers.
The meeting will be held in its usual location, J102, and online on Discord and on our Youtube. See you then!

7:00 Kick-Off
7:05 News Roundup
7:15 Making a USB multi-OS loader with Ventoy – Jonathan
7:25 Break
7:30 Practical PowerShell – Content Team

ISSessions 2023 – 03 – 09

We hope you have had a wonderful break week! Now that school is back in session, so is ISSessions. This Thursday, March 9th, is our next meeting. Join us at 7pm in-person in J102, or online here on our discord or our YouTube.
After our regular news roundup, we will be discussing social engineering followed by a break. After our break, we are greeted by our special guest, Adam Wilson, and his discussion of cybersecurity careers within the government of Canada.

See you then!

7:00 Kick-Off
7:05 News Roundup Discussion
7:20 Social Engineering 101
7:35 Break
7:40 Government of Canada: Student and Full-Time Opportunities in Cyber – Adam Wilson

Opportunities in Cyber
This presentation is aimed at students and professionals within the IT/Cyber field interested in learning more about current opportunities available with the Government of Canada and is split into two parts.
The first part primarily consisting of student opportunities ranging from general application portals such as FSWEP and ITAP through to targeted opportunities with lead security agencies such as CSIS and CSE.
The second part will focus on how to better search for full-time opportunities and how to enhance your application for positions with the Government of Canada.

About Adam
Adam is an IT Security Analyst who has spent nearly four years working at the Department of Justice Canada. Adam first joined the public sector through FSWEP while also working towards completing his program in Computer Security and Investigations at Fleming College.
Since graduating in 2021, Adam has completed a cybercrimes specialist program at Humber College and enjoys studying geopolitical relations outside of work.