ISSessions 2021-11-25

Hey everyone

This Thursday, November 25th at 7pm, we will be introducing you to the world of entrepreneurship in cybersecurity as well as revisiting the talk on defense evasion by Milos Stojadinovic. But first we have a very important announcement:

CyberSci Selections

The following teams have been selected to represent Sheridan College in the next CyberSci competition which will take place on January 15, 2022.

🤩 Team A:

  • Jackson Gorny
  • Muhammad Khan
  • Cristian Di Bartolomeo
  • Pablo Picazo

🤖 Team B:

  • Connor Laidlaw
  • Minh Giang
  • Kyle Doucette
  • Luca Di Bartolomeo

Congratulations! We are all rooting for you !! Now, back to the agenda (literally)…


7:00 – Kick-Off 📣
7:05 – News Round-Up 📰
7:30 – Cybersecurity Entrepreneurship in Brampton 💡
8:00 – Break ☕
8:10 – Defense Evasion: Endpoint Detection & Response 🛡️

About Milos

Milos Stojadinovic has been working in the cyber security industry for over a decade. He is currently the Senior Director of Adversary Emulation, Threat Hunting, and Digital Development at RBC. In previous roles, Milos has worked with a number of consultancies delivering various security services to a broad variety of customers in numerous verticals. While Milos specializes in offensive cyber security, he has previously worked in the spaces of Threat Risk Assessment, PCI / PA DSS compliance, code reviews, and security architecture. Milos is also a graduate of Sheridan’s BAISc program; having also taught in the program in a part-time capacity. Milos enjoys speaking events and giving back to the community through engagement and education.

Defense Evasion: Endpoint Detection & Response

Mature organizations are deploying EDR solutions within their environments; both at scale and in high velocity. While not a replacement to traditional AV, these solutions are far more effective at providing situational awareness and endpoint visibility. EDR often presents material barriers to offensive operators; with increased focus on OPSEC and dynamic detection logic driving behavioural uncertainty. We will analyze the anatomy of EDR implementations and introduce both pragmatic and conceptual approaches to successfully evading these solutions within the context of real-world breach simulation exercises.

NB: This segment will not be recorded/uploaded/streamed to YouTube. So, make sure you tune in live!!

Can’t wait to see @everyone there!

-ISSessions Exec Team 🔐