ISSessions Python Workshop 2021-12-5

Hey everyone

We hope you are all doing excellent 🤩 and school is going well for the students out there 📚 . We do have a few of quick announcements:

:python:Python Workshop

Python is becoming more popular every year – and not without reason. It’s flexibility, ease-of-use, modularity and countless other factors are what make it such a powerful and diverse programming language. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using it yet, here’s your chance! On Sunday, December 5th at 2PM EST, ISSessions brings to you our Python Workshop presented by the Content Team. See first hand why Python is such an incredible tool to use as you learn the theory and practice behind the language. We will go through a brief introduction to what Python is, basic syntax and functions, classes & objects, exceptions, file input & output and the packages & PIP system!

Hope to see you there. Please ensure to sign-up via the below link.

Sign-up Here: