ISSessions 2021-11-11

Hey everyone

This Thursday, November 11th at 7pm, we have a super cool meeting with guest speaker tas_kmanager.


7:00 – Kick-Off 📣
7:05 – News Round-Up 📰
7:30 – Research with the CMI 🔬
8:00 – Break ☕
8:10 – Job Seeker of InfoSec 🧑🏻‍🎓

About Magnatas Tondang

Tas graduated from Sheridan College ISS program back in 2018 and he is currently a Senior Consultant in EY Managed Detection and Response. His main function is to build the Threat Hunting and Detection Engineering capability of the team, and try to catch and stop advanced attackers targetting EY’s clients. Previously Tas has worked in Telco, Health Tech and Finance industry performing multiple roles from all-in analyst, Application Security to Threat Hunting. He is also part of numerous security initiatives such CDEF.ID, The DFIR Report collective and OSCD. He enjoys sharing his research and knowledge and he has presented in numerous international security conferences such as DEF CON and SANS summits.

Job Seeker of Infosec

As a student you asked yourself, “what am I going to do after school?” You read in the news that there are X million of infosec jobs need to be filled by 202X, and the next day you see there are hundreds of infosec people looking for jobs. These information added more pressure and confusion in your goal of finding your first (or dream) job.

Tas will share his experience navigating through the world of infosec as a “job seeker” where he will talk about different key components in a job, steps that you will face during job hunting, and tips and tricks from his experience both as a job seeker or as a hiring party. He will also share how, as a student, you can capture the HR attention and impress the hiring managers. With all of these information, hopefully your first (or next) job hunt will be much easier than Tas’

Can’t wait to see you all there!

-ISSessions Exec Team🔐