ISSessions 2022 – 11 – 10

Hello everyone!
With midterms over, comes another ISSessions meeting! This Thursday, November 10th, will be our next meeting In-Person in J102, and Online on Discord and YouTube. Don’t miss out for our session on Cybercriminals, or our special guest Sacha Blasiak-Priestly. They will be talking about Cloud Security, explaining how to say safe and secure when in the cloud. We will see you then!

7:00 Kick-Off
7:05 News
7:20 Cybercriminals: Lapsus$
7:40 Break
7:45 Cloud Security: Staying Secure in the Cloud – Sacha Blasiak-Priestly

About Sacha Blasiak-Priestly

Sacha is an accomplished cyber leader with 20 years of multi-disciplined experience in Cyber Security, understanding and delivering across all security domains. She has built high performing cyber teams across multiple areas such as cloud security, security operations and offensive security. Throughout her career, she has worked across many different industries including Retail, Finance, Manufacturing and Public sector with an ability to help clients identify and solve complex problems. She has been recognized and leveraged for the ability to build strong interpersonal relationships and to provide thorough, considered, and business centric recommendations to improve Cyber security programs.

She current leads the Cloud Security team at BDO Canada in addition to being the Global SME.

She can be reached at [email protected] or

Cloud Security: Staying Secure in the Cloud
In this talk, we will discuss the concept of cloud computing, cover some of the common vulnerabilities in the cloud as well as some common attacks. In addition, we will discuss the different career paths in cloud security and cybersecurity.

ISSessions 2022 – 10 – 13

Happy Spooktober, Everyone!
This Thursday, October 13th, join us in person in J102, or online on Discord and YouTube!

We will be starting off with out regular news roundup, followed up on some information on how to secure yourself. Then, after our break, we will be unveiling our special guest of the meeting, Mangatas Tondang and their talk on job seeking in InfoSec. See you then!


7:00 Kick-Off

7:05 News Roundup

7:20 Securing Yourself

7:40 Break

7:50 The Job Seeker of Infosec: First Job Hunt Edition – Tas

The Job Seeker of Infosec

First Job Hunt Edition Studying cyber security itself is already hard but something even harder is landing the first job in cyber security. The presenter already had this experience before and want to make sure to ease the pressure for incoming job seeker. The presentation will help the newcomers to see the bigger picture of cyber security and the roles within this big industry. We will be talking about components of a perfect first job in cyber security, choosing the right role for you and knowing what to learn for that role. Followed with the exploring the world of hiring, including the steps of hiring and how to navigate through it, especially in the cyber security industry. The presenter will share tips and tricks based on his experience, on both sides of the hiring table.

Mangatas Tondang

Tas graduated from the Sheridan Information Systems Security program in 2018 and is currently a security researcher at Microsoft. Over the past 4 years he worked from different institutions ranging from healthcare all the way to Big 4 consulting companies. He is active in the community where he presented numerous times in international conferences, contributed to numerous open-source security projects and also an active member of 2 security collectives, The DFIR Report and Curated Intelligence.

ISSessions 2022-09-29

Welcome back to our bi-weekly scheduled program of ISSessions! This Thursday, September 29th, will be our next meeting once again in-person and online. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for this night!

Starting off with our news round-up, and our special event the Co-Op Panel! You won’t want to miss this, especially if your Co-Op is coming up soon!


7:00 Kick-Off

7:05 News Roundup

7:20 Break

7:25 Co-Op Panel

About the Co-Op Panel

The Co-Op panel will be a way for you to get a better understanding around the co-op process. All the way from applying, interviewing and doing your co-op your questions will be answered. For this special ISSessions event we have put together a team of panelists from a range of positions and companies to give you the broadest insight into the topic

Cem Celen

Proactive Consultant Intern with Mandiant

Cristian di Bartolomeo

Cyber Security Consultant with KPMG

Connor Laidlaw

Vulnerability Researcher with Trend Micro

Kyle Doucette

Strategic consultant intern with Mandiant

Louai Abboud

Currently Adversarial Collaboration Engineer with Lares | did co-op as a Threat Hunter with Bell