ISSessions 2021-09-30

Hey @everyone

This Thursday (September 30th) we are focusing on money!


7:00 – Kickoff – Nash
7:05 – News – Cem, Christian, Jackson
7:30 – InfoSec Jeopardy – Content Team
8:00 – Break
8:10 – Financial Literacy Talk – Sylvain

About Sylvain

Sylvain graduated from the ISS program in 2018. Shortly after graduating, he was hired at Bell where he worked as a threat hunter for two and a half years. He has recently transitioned to trading options as his main source of income. He now wishes to share what he has learned on his journey to financial freedom, with the hope that others would engage in the world of personal finance.

From Hacking Finance to Hacking your Finances

Sylvain will be presenting his intro to investing and personal finance talk. The goal is to encourage people to begin engaging in the world of personal finance, by showing the importance of starting ASAP, and a few common investing strategies and principals. Please note, this is not the talk where you learn to YOLO your life savings on digital assets, nor is it a talk on options/day trading. Rather, this talk is meant to be a primer into investing in your financial future.

We are all super excited, we can’t wait to see you all there and learn how to save that money!

-ISSessions Exec Team

ISSessions 2021-09-16

Hey everyone!

We wanted to welcome all new students to the server and wish everyone good luck in their studies / work!

Our next meeting is this Thursday, September 16th, 2021 where our speaker will be none other than our very own @Thracky who will give his annual talk on the Wonderful World of Information Security!


7:00 – Kick-Off
7:05 – News Round Up
7:30 – Discussion Segment
8:00 – Break
8:10 – The Wonderful World of Information Security – John Simpson

About John Simpson

John graduated from the Sheridan Information Systems Security program in 2015 and is currently a vulnerability researcher and team lead with Trend Micro in Toronto. He started his career with a coop position at Deloitte and stayed on board after graduation, working in Security Operations Center engineering and vulnerability assessment/penetration testing roles. In his current position, John reverse engineers vulnerabilities to write proof-of-concept exploits and devise network detection strategies to catch exploitation attempts. During the last 5.5 years in his current role, he has discovered several new vulnerabilities, authored blog posts for Trend Micro and Zero Day Initiative, and spoken at several conferences.

The Wonderful World of Information Security

John will be presenting the 2021 version of his annual talk “The Wonderful World of Information Security,” which aims to provide students new to the program with an overview of the potential career paths in the Information Security industry as well as his tips for success in navigating the Information Systems Security degree program at Sheridan and the early stages of a career in InfoSec.

Make sure to tune in on Discord in #stream or on our YouTube channel

Can’t wait to see you all there!

– ISSessions Executive Team

ISSessions 2021-09-05

Hey everyone!

Now that the summer break is coming to an end, it’s time to warm up into the back to school mode.

To help you our Content Team has developed an Obfuscation Workshop which will be hosted virtually this Sunday, September 5 @ 7pm. Hope to see you there.

Please ensure to sign-up via the below link.

Signup Here:

Workshop Description:
As the computer security industry develops, antivirus solutions and security practitioners are able to find malicious code faster than ever. However, Obfuscation – the act of hiding malicious code in obscurity – makes it harder and harder to detect dangerous scripts before its too late. Join this workshop to see how some of these techniques work, how to decipher obfuscated code, encoding techniques, polymorphism and more! No specific language experience is needed. The workshop will be delivered over Zoom and the link will be posted before the workshop begins.

Hope to see everyone there

– ISSessions Exec Team