ISSessions CTF 2022 Workshop Info

Hey everyone,

We are almost a week away from the start of the ISSessionsCTF2022 workshops delivered by KPMG, Mandiant, Lares Consulting and Bell which will be hosted in the ISSessionCTF2022 Discord channel (

We are excited to announce the workshop schedule is officially out! You will see a list of the workshops in the events channel at the top of both servers and boy are they . The best part is that you do not need to be registered for the CTF to join (…but you probably should)!

In the ISSessionsCTF sever each sponsor has their dedicated section where they have posted workshop instructions. If you plan on attending a particular workshop, your next step would be to check the “workshop-info” channel for the respective sponsor. There you will find out more workshop details, any special instructions and prerequisites.

As a friendly reminder, if you have not registered for the CTF, you can still do so on:

If you are looking for a team, not to worry we have you covered by completing the following form:

Wishing you all the best on your midterms next week!

-ISSessions Exec Team 🔐