ISSessions 2022-01-13

Hey everyone,

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a Happy New ISSessions meeting this Thursday January 13th 2022. πŸ₯³


7:00 – Kick-Off πŸ“£
7:05 – News Round Up πŸ“°
7:30 – Discussion Segment πŸ—£
8:00 – Break β˜•
8:05 – Exploitation of WebApp Flaws πŸ”Ž

About Jake

Jake Munro graduated from Fleming College’s Computer Security & Investigations course in April of 2021. He is now currently a cyber security mentor & technical recruiter for Lighthouse Labs. Jake loves helping others learn about the cyber security world and the many aspects to it, which lead him to Lighthouse Labs. It also lead him to helping with the CSI club in any way possible. Jake also loves participating in CTF challenges alone, or with groups of people. Outside of work, you can find him on Spotify, gaming or breaking his computers.

Exploitation of WebApp Flaws

Web application flaws have been around for many years, mostly due to developers not ‘sanitizing’ input forms or design flaws. They can be used to gain access to a website or server which can lead to information leaks. There are so many web application flaws that a lot of companies seem to only protect against the most commonly used ones. Cross site scripting, SQL injection and broken access control are some of the attacks used widely in today’s world. In this week’s ISSessions meeting we learn more about how some of these attacks work and see a live demo of a few of these attacks.

Can’t wait to see you all there πŸ₯³

-ISSessions Exec TeamπŸ”