ISSessions 2021-09-30

Hey @everyone

This Thursday (September 30th) we are focusing on money!


7:00 – Kickoff – Nash
7:05 – News – Cem, Christian, Jackson
7:30 – InfoSec Jeopardy – Content Team
8:00 – Break
8:10 – Financial Literacy Talk – Sylvain

About Sylvain

Sylvain graduated from the ISS program in 2018. Shortly after graduating, he was hired at Bell where he worked as a threat hunter for two and a half years. He has recently transitioned to trading options as his main source of income. He now wishes to share what he has learned on his journey to financial freedom, with the hope that others would engage in the world of personal finance.

From Hacking Finance to Hacking your Finances

Sylvain will be presenting his intro to investing and personal finance talk. The goal is to encourage people to begin engaging in the world of personal finance, by showing the importance of starting ASAP, and a few common investing strategies and principals. Please note, this is not the talk where you learn to YOLO your life savings on digital assets, nor is it a talk on options/day trading. Rather, this talk is meant to be a primer into investing in your financial future.

We are all super excited, we can’t wait to see you all there and learn how to save that money!

-ISSessions Exec Team