ISSessions 2021-09-05

Hey everyone!

Now that the summer break is coming to an end, it’s time to warm up into the back to school mode.

To help you our Content Team has developed an Obfuscation Workshop which will be hosted virtually this Sunday, September 5 @ 7pm. Hope to see you there.

Please ensure to sign-up via the below link.

Signup Here:

Workshop Description:
As the computer security industry develops, antivirus solutions and security practitioners are able to find malicious code faster than ever. However, Obfuscation – the act of hiding malicious code in obscurity – makes it harder and harder to detect dangerous scripts before its too late. Join this workshop to see how some of these techniques work, how to decipher obfuscated code, encoding techniques, polymorphism and more! No specific language experience is needed. The workshop will be delivered over Zoom and the link will be posted before the workshop begins.

Hope to see everyone there

– ISSessions Exec Team