ISSessions Meeting on 2020-03-06

With reading week now over and the tail-end of exams finishing, I hope you all are excited for our CTF next week! We have a meeting this week with the following agenda:

Date: 2020-03-06
Time: 19:00 – 21:15
Location: Room J102, Sheridan Trafalgar Campus, Oakville

7:00-7:10: Annoucements with Louai
7:10-7:45: Guest Speaker: Owen Cummings
7:45-9:15: How-To-CTF Special Segment with @rick, @Brandon , @Louai

First, we’ll start with off with guest speaker, Owen Cummings (@ev0c), speaking about Election Security and then use the rest of the meeting preparing you all for our ISSessionsCTF2020 occurring next week.

Leading up to and during the 2019 federal election Owen, a third year student, worked as a security analyst with Elections Canada. Working on the front lines Owen has gained a unique perspective of the issues impacting modern elections. As governments continue to invest in security, threat actors have been looking for new ways to compromise and influence foreign nations. One of the latest trends on the rise is interference in the democratic and electoral process. What do attackers target when attempting to influence a large scale election? How has this occurred in the past? What does any of this have to do with information security? This talk will attempt to address some of these questions and more!

How-To-CTF Special Segment:

We’ll be going over how you can get the most out of ISSessionsCTF2020! I would highly recommend everyone who is signed up for the CTF to attend. This will be a fun meeting where we’ll give you some CTF challenges to work on so you can get in the groove!

We’ll also go over:
– Flag Format
– Game Rules & Day Logistics
– CTF Strategy, Tips, and Tricks – Challenge Walkthroughs with Brandon & Louai

Please refer the Discord server where you can find a new practice challenge to help you prepare for the CTF.