Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! Both school and our activities will be starting up again as we host our first meeting of the year this Friday, January 10th.

Date: 2020-01-10
Time: 19:00 – 20:25
Location: Room J102, Sheridan Trafalgar Campus, Oakville

19:00 – Announcements with Louai
19:05 – News Roundup with Nick
19:25 – Project Den: OWASP IoT Top 10 with Nicholas Johnston
19:55 – Guest Speaker Alana Staszczyszyn on “War in the Fifth Dimension: An Overview of the Weaponization of Information”
20:25 – Wrap and refreshments (across the street at the pub)

We have a #projectden segment by our very own Nicholas Johnston! Nick (@nickinfosec on Twitter) is a professor and the program coordinator Sheridan College’s cybersecurity bachelor’s degree program. Nick will introduce us to the OWASP IoT top 10 list followed by a case study in developing an IoT product1s. This will provide us with an understanding of the root cause of common vulnerabilities.

Afterwards, we close off the night with our guest speaker, Alana Staszczyszyn, to explain an overview of the weaponization of information. Alana (@cubes_n_spheres on Twitter) is a practicing security consultant and recent Sheridan ISS graduate!

What defines a cyberwar? Does cyberwarfare actually exist, or are cyber attacks just a means of enacting warfare in the kinetic world? And, more importantly, will escalating political tensions ever result in a cyber conflict, or are we already in the middle of a global cyber cold war?

War in the Fifth Dimension explores what military doctrines, academic literature, international legal frameworks, and the media have collectively coined as the newest domain of warfare. Despite this agreeance that cyberwarfare is a plausible concept in the real world, there is little surety as to what exactly counts as an “act of war” in the cyber realm. Cyber attacks primarily target activities and “intangible” data that kinetic conflicts would separately consider to be espionage, terrorism, or psychological and economic manipulation – in other words, strictly the affairs of domestic law.