A Slice of Blue Team

Date: 2019-10-04
Time: 19:00 – 20:25
Location: Room J102, Sheridan Trafalgar Campus, Oakville
19:00 – Announcements with Louai
19:05 – News Roundup with Nick and Adam
19:25 – Rick’s Random Repo Rundown
19:35 – Feature Story with Adam and Louai
19:55 – Guest Speaker Matthew Siuda on Introduction to Blue Teaming
20:25 – Wrap and refreshments (across the street at the pub)

As the title implies, defense or “Blue Teaming” will be the focus of our talks. While the news often talks about X being hacked or Y having a data breach, the defense perspective often goes unnoticed to the scope of media as the main meat of the story goes to the actual attack.

A blue team is a defensive organizational unit that focuses on maintaining and verifying security controls, as well as investigating security events. Next week, we will dive into the deep-blue where our host Matthew Siuda will go over the challenges, misconceptions, and benefits of being a blue teamer.

Matthew Siuda (@suedeSecurity) is a Security Analyst at Teranet. Teranet is a 25+ year old data organization that manages the Electronic-Land-Registration-System (ELRS) for the Government of Ontario. Drawing from his experiences, he will walk you through his daily life as a blue teamer where he comes face to face with corporate politics and emerging technologies in a rapidly evolving industry.

I hope to see you all there next week!