Survey and Fleming Partnership

Hello you fabulous people, we have some interesting news to share with you!

To start we would love it if everyone could fill out our survey, we want your feedback to make your year with us as enjoyable as possible:

We also wanted to announce our first partnership with the Fleming CSI Club.

This is the first step in trying to make ISSessions a Canada-wide student community. We hope this will raise the quality of our content and discussions along with providing greater industry awaremess and networking opportunities between colleuges, friends and employers/employees. You can find announcements from them in partnered-announcements or even join their server :

We are all super excited about this opportunity and we hope you are too!

-ISSessions Exec Team

ISSessions 2021-05-27

ISSessions is back with a new executive team led by our fearless leaders Nash and Kurt!

We have a great meeting planned for you, you get to meet our new team and Louai, Yusef and Kyle will be giving a presentation on different aspects of the ISSessions 2021 CTF!

DATE: May 27, 2021

TIME: 7:00pm

LOCATION: Virtual (Discord/Youtube)


  • 7:00 – Kick-Off
  • 7:05 – Introductions – Nash
  • 7:30 – News Round Up – Cem, Jackson and Christian
  • 8:00 – Break
  • 8:10 – ISSessionsCTF2021 Analytics – Yusef
  • 8:25 – The Automaton Returns: ISSessionsCTF in 30 Minutes or Less?! – Louai

    We’re so excited for you to come check it out!

    Project Den Abstract:

    CTFs are super fun. Building a CTF, on the other hand, err not so much… Luckily a relentless focus on automation and infrastructure as code can greatly simplify the problem! In this Project Den presentation, Louai Abboud will go over the infrastructure that powered ISSessionsCTF2021 and C3X: Dark Cloud Rising. If you love click-baity titles and bamboozling your brain on buzzwords like cloud, Docker, Ansible, and Kubernetes, this talk is for you!


    I know we’re all excited, are you?!!?!

    – ISSessions Exec Team